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Introduction of Schools

AKita University of Nursing and Welfare

Department of Nursing

The department of Nursing trains professional nurses, hygienists, and midwives with standards required in nursing today. The department provides students with a high degree of specialist knowledge and skill. The aim is to develop service workers who can offer appropriate service at the right moment with compassion and respect. The department fosters young adults capable of contributing to people in need throughout the world as well as in the local community.

Department of Welfare

We are now entering an era of welfare reform and the needs for welfare service have expanded. With a new focus on prevention rather than merely care, selective welfare services are being offered. To foster human resources with broad sophistication, a highly-specialized knowledge of social welfare, sensibility, creativity and generosity is important.

Akita Nutrition Junior College

Department of Nutrition

Since its foundation in 1954, Akita Nutrition Junior College has trained successive generations over its long 54 year history. Located on the same campus as North Asia University, the Junior College trains professional dieticians who contribute their services to society, helping people to stay healthy through their study and knowledge of food sciences.

Because the daily diet is the foundation of a healthy life, we use scientific analyses to teach theoretical applications and dieting guidance methods. Our goal is to produce professional dieticians who have a deep sense of social responsibility, and our courses stress the importance of interpersonal relationships and communication skills. Besides training dieticians, we also provide students with comprehensive support in their job hunting tasks.

We also offer a course for graduate students who are aiming to become registered dieticians. More than one hundred of our graduates have now passed this exam, and five or six more students pass each year.

Meioh Senior High School

Meioh High School aims to provide an education system which allows each individual student to increase their skills in all subjects. Since 2008, the Special Advanced Course has increased the total number of classes held each day, strengthening teaching practices and allowing students to attain a deeper understanding of their subjects.

2009 saw start of a new system to replace the previous Specialized Choices, comprising an Arts and Sciences Courses and a General Study Courses. The Arts and Sciences Courses adopts the curriculum and takes the place of the old Special Advanced Course, while the General Study Course allows students to concentrate on their chosen field and work on improving their skills.

The practical coursework-based curriculum of the old Specialized Choices courses such as IT, Business, and International Communications, have been replaced with a more lecture-based curriculum which allows students to choose their field of interest and learn about it and its related subjects.

North Asia University Nobinobi Kindergarten / Nursery School
North Asia University Sakura Kindergarten

We provide a very favorable environment for pre-school children and work to provide healthy, sensitive care for sound physical and mental development. A strong foundation is crucial in the formation of a child’s future character.

At our kindergartens and nursery school, we hold traditional Japanese events such as Tango no Sekku (Children’s Day), Tanabata Festival, Mame-maki ( bean scattering), and the Hina Dolls festival, as well as events characterizing the four seasons such as rice planting and harvesting, growing potatoes, making mochi, and so on. Additionally, depending on the children’s ages, we provide exercise, tea ceremony and English classes, as well as practical activities like playing with university and high school students. We put great importance on all these events.

As an Akita Prefecture officially recognized Special Childcare Facility, Nobinobi Kindergarten and Nursery School work together as a single facility, concentrating on education and taking care of the children in our care using the best techniques available. For example, we hold group events and give the children opportunities to meet ant interact with people of all different ages. We have forged links with the local community and provide support for child-rearing and parenting through programs such as our Child-rearing Community Time project. This year Nobinobi Nursery School was recognized as a Special Nursery Facility by Akita City.